Peter Killeen

Man with gray hair lies in grass next to a large tri-color dog

Peter Killeen is an Emeritus Professor with the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. Killeen studies behavioral decision theory, statistical inference and information theory. He asks questions, such as: How do we learn? How do we forget? What motivates us? How do we understand anomalies of motivation, such as tobacco addiction? How do we maintain attention, and why is it hard for some people, such as those diagnosed with ADHD, to do so? How do we perceive the passage of time? How do we discount delayed or probabilistic goods? What is information, and how do we use it? What is a scientific explanation; what must it include, what must it omit? How may we undergird scientific inference with better techniques than NHST? In general, how do we find a resonance between models and data; and how do we tune our theories to amplify that resonance? 

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