Monique Udell

Brunette woman smiles while holding black and white puppy

Dr. Udell's research focuses on animal behavior and social cognition, including lifetime factors that facilitate social bonds between humans and other species.  Her interests include: (1) Human-animal interactions, including the development of social bonds and cross-species communication (2) The development and cognition of canines including domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes (3) Evolutionary and lifetime factors that influence the cognition, welfare, and social behavior of domesticated and captive animals.

Her lab group is also involved in Applied Animal Behavior, both at the research and application levels. Current research in this area includes:

  • The effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on cross-species social and cognitive wellbeing
  • Attachment as a predictor of companion animal success in human homes
  • How biological predispositions and experience can prepare certain animals or breeds for specific working, companion or performance roles, and
  • Development and application of methods for assessing and modifying problem behavior

More details (including bio, current students, ways to get involved & publications) can be found on Dr. Udell’s lab website.

Bio obtained from Oregon State University.