Miles Orchinik

Head shot of man with glasses and gray goatee in a black jacket against gray background

Miles Orchinik is a neuroscientist who studies how stress alters behavior, brain function, and the endocrine system. When a vertebrate is “stressed” by negative conditions, the body releases cortico-steroid hormones. In the brain, these hormones produce changes in neuronal function that help to deal with an immediate threat. When this stress response is persistently activated, harmful changes in brain function may result.

Orchinik’s team studies cellular, molecular and behavioral responses to stress hormones in a variety of species. His team investigates cortico-steroid action primarily in brain regions that integrate information during acute stress responses. They also study the importance of cells that are born in adult vertebrate brains.

He is also interested in science education research, particularly in how undergraduates learn core concepts, and which teaching methods are most effective at promoting learning.

Bio obtained from Arizona State University School of Life Sciences.