Kathryn Lord

Head shot of woman with short brunette hair wearing red blouse against navy background

Kathryn Lord is a postdoctoral associate in the Karlsson Lab. Kathryn’s background is in the evolution and development of animal behavior, primarily using members of the genus Canis as a model species. In her graduate work in organismic and evolutionary biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Kathryn’s work focused on how changes in developmental timing act as a mechanism for the evolution of adaptive behaviors in animals. Since receiving her doctorate in 2010, Kathryn has served as a visiting assistant professor of biology at Gettysburg College, and visiting assistant professor of animal behavior at Hampshire College. She started as a postdoc at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2016 and aims to apply her background in evolution, development and behavior to better understand the genetic and epigenetic regulation of early postnatal behavioral developmental using dogs and wolves as a comparative model.

Bio obtained from http://karlssonlab.org/about/people/kathryn-lord/